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3D Modelling Software Google SketchUp 13.0.4812 and Google SketchUp Pro 2013 Version 13.0.3689 - Free Download

Poweringsoft. - In this time i want to continue our posting about software that can used for general engineering specially for 3D modelling. This software is Google SketchUp for 3D modelling software that develop by Google inc.

Figure 1. Screenshot of Google SketchUp

In here we will show you two version of Google SketchUp version these are Google SketchUp 13.0.4812 and Google SketchUp Pro 2013 Version 13.0.3689. Beside we will give you global information about Google SketchUp, in here we also will give you link to take download Google SketchUp 13.0.4812 and Google SketchUp Pro 2013 Version 13.0.3689 freely from Poweringsoft as the Powerful Engineering Software.

Google SketchUp Description

Google SketchUp is 3D modelling and design software that usually used to design a building like home, building. And other usually used for architectures, civil engineering, game engineering and others.   

SketchUp Pro is the most intuitive way to design, document and communicate your ideas in 3D.Now you can research, download and install extensions without ever having to leave SketchUp. Every useful extension in one place—that’s the all-new Extension Warehouse.  


  1. An Extension Warehouse has been created and integrated with SketchUp. Users can now manage hundreds of extensions installed on their computer via the Extension Warehouse. 
  2. The word “SketchUp” now refers to a product family of which there are two members: SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make. 
  3. Toolbars for SketchUp on Windows operating systems have been improved. They are now customizable and more reliably stay put once they have been docked. 
  4. Scene-based animations can now be exported to high-quality video from SketchUp. 
  5. Toolbars and cursors have been updated and made consistent between SketchUp, LayOut, Style Builder and SketchUp Viewer. 
  6. We have a new SDK. See the “getting_started.html” and “migration_guide.html” in the SDK package for details. 
  7. Lots of little tweaks, bugs fixes and improvements were made to existing features. 
  8. SketchUp no longer will take a long time to open and close with an unstable Internet connection. 
  9. (Mac) SketchUp does not support OS X 10.6 and older versions of OS X. Users with these platforms will see an error on launch. 
  10. (Windows) XP SP3 is now required to run SketchUp on XP.   


And now we will allow you to take download Google SketchUp 13.0.4812 and Google SketchUp Pro 2013 Version 13.0.3689 according the link that we given to you. Please use link below to download these software easily:


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