Friday, November 21, 2014

An Easy Way to Know the Warranty of iPhone Via Online

Poweringsoft. - We think this is will be a excited news for you who want to know the iPhone product warranty. And it is more specially for you who loses your iPhone Warranty now. It is very easy to check your iPhone warranty via online.

Figure 1. iPhone 5S (DetikInet)

With an online-based, all Apple product warranty can be checked through the website. It is very beneficial for users who lose the warranty card, to check the duration of the warranty. And we think it is very important when we said about warranty specially when we buy iPhone product. This is useful when the iDevice having problems. Apple makes it easy to determine the condition of the issuance of the product warranty.

According DetikInet that quote by Poweringsoft Friday, 11/21/2014 reported that there is a very easy way to know the iPhone Warranty via online, the iPhone users simply visit the site In these pages the user is prompted to enter the serial number of iOS devices. Please see figure 2 below

Figure 2. Screenshot of iPhone Warranty Site Check (DetikInet)

Where did know the serial number?

Just to note, IMEI serial number is different from the iPhone. Users can find out by going to settings> general> about

Well, after entering the serial number correctly, then the user can determine whether the iPhone or iPad is still valid warranty period or has run out. As note that if your iPhone including the newest, it first has to be asked to enter information into the page above. Things automatically prompted when the user activates the iPhone hers.


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