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Golden Al-Wafi Translator for English/Arabic translation Software

Poweringsoft. - Do you a professional translator and want to need software to translate an English/ Arabic now? We suggest you to use Golden Al-Wafi Translator. This software is categorized as educational software that will help to translate language English / Arabic. And this software is commercial software that we can not give you free download Golden Al-Wafi Translator.

Figure 1. Golden Al-Wafi Translator Screenshot (

In this time we want to give you information about Golden Al-Wafi Translator like publisher description, features and then system requirement when you use Golden Al-Wafi Translator. And the last we can not give you Golden Al-Wafi Translator free download.


Golden Al-Wafi Translator 6.0 is an English/Arabic translation software for advanced users and professional translators. Expanded and specialized dictionaries and multi-document translation makes this software suitable for advanced translation purposes.

  1. Fast and accurate translation 
  2. New translation engine 
  3. Translates thousands of words in just seconds 
  4. English Text-to-Speech 
  5. New dictionary with more than 2 million English/Arabic entries 
  6. Eight specialized science dictionaries in Medicine, Veterinary, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering and Geology 
  7. Multi-document translation 
  8. Multiple file translation in the background (batch translation) 
  9. English/Arabic Dictionary 
  10. Arabic/English Dictionary 
  11. English spelling checker 
  12. Arabic text with/without vowel points (harakat) 
  13. Transliteration of proper nouns 
  14. Bilingual user interface 
  15. Bilingual electronic user guide (HTML) 
  16. Runs under windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP
  17. Free internet updates (for version 3.00) 

  1. PC 
  2. 166 MHz processor 
  3. 32 MB RAM 
  4. 30 MB of free hard disk space 
  5. Sound Card (optional for text-to-speech) 
  6. Microsoft Internet Explorer™ 4.0 or later 
  7. Arabic-enabled Microsoft Windows™ 98/2000/ME/NT/XP operating system

And to know more about Golden Al-Wafi Translator for English/Arabic translation Software you can visit the original site using link below


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