Monday, November 17, 2014

How to Make Free Download and Install Proteus 7.9 SP1 in Windows - Electrical Engineering Software

Poweringsoft. - Other version of Proteus software is Proteus 7.9 SP1 that very useful to create electronic circuit and design microcontroller simulation. In here we will show you how to install Proteus 7.9 SP1 in Windows after you take Free Download Proteus 7.9 SP1 according link that we given to you.

Figure 1. Proteus 7.9 (Google)

To install Proteus 7.9 SP1 in Windows you can follow step-by-step according posting from Sekedar Berbagi blog like below;

  1. Prepare Proteus 7.9 SP1 files after you download and then you can extract the RAR file in the same folder.
  2. Then the first thing done is copy the files in the folder licency.lxk \ Proteus 7.9 SP1 Pro \ Proteus 7.9 SP1 Patch v1.1 to your My Documents.
  3. Continue the installation as usual, it will ask licecy proteus there, select locally, select the next.
  4. Then it would appear that there has been no licecy installed, select the next
  5. Then will appear the form Lisesi installation, select the browse license, browse to the My documets search Licecy.lxk copied in the first step.
  6. Then select install, if you have questions continue ... select ok, then close the form installation license, if successful. It will appear, as shown below,
  7. Continue until the installation is complete, then crack proteus with Proteus 7.9 SP1 Pro v1.1.exe in the folder \ Proteus 7.9 SP1 Pro \ 7.9 SP1 Patch Proteus v1.1, change the installation location proteus to browse to the program, eg c: / program files / LABCENTER / proteus, and then select the update ....

And now you can take Free Download Proteus 7.9 SP1 from external server. Please click link below to download this software easily and please prepare more then 112 MB free disk space.

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