Saturday, November 29, 2014

Schneider Kreuznach Technology in Camera of the Thinnest Smartphone Oppo R5

Poweringsoft. - As we know that Oppo has been launching new thinnest smartphone that called with Oppo R5. In this condition Oppo R5 also provide the best technology to support all system like in camera in this smartphone.

Figure 1. Oppo R5 (Source: DetikInet)

As reported from DetikInet that quoted by Poweringsoft on Friday, 28/11/2014 that Oppo has collaborated with the company Schneider in camera components and optimizing the use of the images on Oppo R5 so that claims can produce professional photo quality Schneider Kreuznach appropriate standardization.

For your information, Schneider is a company which is researching, developing and producing a series of camera devices and one of the four major vendors in the world of professional camera lens.

Schneider is also the only vendor who is working with NASA to provide the recording device

Oppo and Schneider worked together on optimizing photographic quality produced by R5, which gives more value to the user. Oppo itself develops calculation software called Pure Image 2.0+ as Schneider's certification support.

As we have seen that Pure Image was first introduced at the time of the release of the smartphone camera rotates Oppo N1, with the concept of clear results and natural color images.

In R5, Pure Image 2.0+ is not only optimized the image quality, but also develop a variety of shooting modes that allows users to take pictures in accordance with the scene, such as HDR, Colorful night, Slow shutter, GIF, Audio Photo, After Focus, Super Macro, and other .


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