Monday, November 17, 2014

Some Indicators Show Google Glass Began Unclear

Poweringsoft. - We already familiar with Google Glass when the first time introducing to public. Maybe there are many people very enthusiastic to welcome the present of Google Glass. But this condition is very different with the enthusiastic of the present of Google Glass. 

Figure 1. Women using Google Glass (DetikInet)

And here are the Some Indicators Show Google Glass Began Unclear as follow:

  1. Google founders Sergey Bin is not beginning to use Google Glass in events that get a lot of attention.
  2. The application developer who left Google Glass. According to reports, many developers and early users Glass has begun to lose interest to test the product. Although Google is firmly pushed Glass remain present in the market.
  3. Nine of the 16 developers who develop applications in smart glasses stopped work on the project. Indeed there are many developers who work for Google Glass, but it mostly comes from leading developers, call it up and OpenTable. In fact, Twitter is a developer who defected. Classic reason of course be a problem why the developers began to leave Google Glass that makes it obscure. Because at least this gadget on the market.
  4. There are rumors mentioned in the last six months, a number of key employees who work at Google Labs Google Glass resigned. Some employees are out it is exactly the team of developers Babak Parviz, Chief Electrical Engineeering Adrian Wong and Director of Developer Relations Natural Ossami.
  5. The investors who are members of a consortium withdraw funds from this project. Although not mentioned explicitly, at least the name and Byers Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Anreessen Horowitz is now no longer on the page Google Glass.

Source: DetikInet on Monday, 17/11/2014


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