Monday, November 17, 2014

Why We must Choose Diesel Engine Beside Hybrid Engine for Our Car?

Poweringsoft. - As we know that the economic fuel and environmentally friendly to be highest issue in automotive developing technology in this time. There are many automotive industries that develop their product that bring economic fuel and environmentally friendly with the advanced technology. It is need us as the consumer to selective when we choose the vehicle for the future.

Figure 1. BMW Diesel Engine (Jagatreview)

There are many automotive industries that develop their engine technology. There are any used engine with Hybrid technology that combine the conventional engine and electric engine and also any that used original electrical engine, with gas engine and also diesel engine.

Each type of engine has advantages and disadvantages of each. Diesel engines we already know from the past, and now revived thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, even claimed to be better than a hybrid engine. And there more than five reason why we choose diesel engine beside Hybrid engine as follow:

A. High Resale Value

In this time we know that the user of Hybrid car is not many yet.  Hybrid car is not so popular in Indonesia, as well as its fuel source that has not been available much. The opposite occurs in a diesel car. Diesel engine cars ranging widely produced, therefore diesel cars are becoming increasingly popular. People began to hunt this car, because it is the resale price of this car was still good.

B. Engine Popularity

As we know that hybrid engine using advanced technology. hybrid engine is very complex and requires careful handling. Hybrid engine has a high-voltage cable components, battery, motor, and so on which can be damaged if you incorrectly handle.

While the diesel engine is not as complicated as hybrid engines. If you open the hood of diesel cars, which you see is not much different from the existing components in cars with regular gasoline engine. Therefore, you will not have to learn the hassles if a diesel engine to perform repairs or service itself.

C. Environmental Impact

Hybrid engine battery technology has just discovered, especially lithium-ion battery. The battery production requires a lot of carbon and leave toxins so the battery is not used anymore. Although the manufacture of battery technology is getting better, but still, still leaving a carbon footprint.

And it is different with the diesel engine. If you often see diesel cars emit black smoke from the exhaust, it is no longer found as technology increasingly sophisticated diesel engines. In fact, the diesel engine technology at some level better car exhaust emissions than gasoline-fueled cars.

D. High Torque

Diesel car is not the fastest car on the highway. However, diesel cars are very fast moving so you step on the gas pedal. It was thanks to the high torque produced by diesel engines. Car with a hybrid engine does get instant torque at low RPM, but the engine does not produce high torque hybrid as produced by diesel engines.

E.  Efficient on the Highway

Diesel engines work very effectively when working stably at low RPM. And the highway is the most appropriate place. Diesel engine fuel consumption tends wasteful when the engine power up and down, so when in urban mileage diesel cars is quite short, while when on the highway so far. Meanwhile, the hybrid engine will be very frugal when the machine is actually not in a state of work, because it is very suitable hybrid car in dense urban.


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