Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Know More Specification of Express Charger Oppo VOOC Rapid Charge

Poweringsoft. - Do you know the fastest battery charger in smartphone industry today? yes it is true when you called the fastest charger from Oppo that named VOOC Rapid Charge. Charger technological VOOC Rapid Charge development has taken three years and involves the redesign components of battery charging, USB port, data cables, adapters including charging circuitry. So fast charging will operate in accordance with our components and filling technology.

Figure 1. VOOC Rapid Charge (Source:DetikInet)

Reported from DetikInet as quote Poweringsoft (Tuesday, 2/12/2014) that VOOC Rapid Charge is controlled by the MCU chip implanted on the adapter. This MCU controls the conversion and incoming voltage electric current, if in accordance with the terms fast charging, then VOOC Rapid Charge can be activated.

In addition to the adapter, the output voltage electric current to the data cable, a USB port on the device and battery cells, the MCU also run the same control. To ensure safety, the section also implanted device protection fuse. In the event of abnormal voltage, this axis will drop out and immediately stop charging physically.

Oppo express charger technology is also present in a smaller form. VOOC mini - the name of the device - using adapters that are smaller, but still capable of charging the battery as soon as the first generation VOOC. VOOC mini has a smaller adapter (32mm from the previous 60 mm). Cable on mini VOOC also removable so that more practical to carry. VOOC adapter mini comes with LED light that indicates when the charging process takes place. When finished, the lights will die.


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