Saturday, January 17, 2015

Xiaomi Mi Note Lose Toned of Galaxy Note 4

Poweringsoft. - Xiaomi, benchmark results Mi Note has been circulating in cyberspace. What were the results if pitted with other vendors' flagship phone.

Figure 1. Xiaomi Mi Note (rns / detikINET)

Reported by GSM Arena, Saturday (17/01/2015), the benchmark results Mi Note on AnTuTu application shows a fairly high number, ie 46 714. Even so, the benchmark results Mi Note remains under Galaxy Note 4, and Meizu MX4.

But the third phone using different processors. When compared with phones that use the same Snapdragon processor 801, such as OnePlus One, atapun HTC One M8 and MI4 Xiaomi Mi Note far menggungguli phones it.

Keep in mind, Mi Note is a 'cheap version' of a brand-new phone Xiaomi. While above it the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, which uses Qualcomm's latest processor, the Snapdragon 810. That should will have benchmark results are much higher.

Even so, the benchmark would not always be used as a reference to the quality of a mobile phone. The user experience is given in each cell phone will certainly vary from one user to another user.

Source: DetikInet (1/17/2015)


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