Friday, November 25, 2016

Free Download KiCad EDA for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux

Poweringsoft. - This is one of circuit design software freely to you that called with KiCad EDA for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux. So, we posted this article with the name KiCad EDA for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux free download.

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In this time we will give you global information or description about this software and then we will give you link to take free download KiCad EDA for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux from external server.


From Listoffreeware site describe that KiCad EDA  is a cross platform circuit design software for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux. To design a circuit you will have to create a new project and open the Schematic Editor. Opening a new project creates a new directory. Go to the Schematic Editor tab and begin designing. Click on the Place Component option to select a part and place it on  the designing area. These components include: Microchip, Memory, Display, Audio device, Xilink, Power, Transistors, DSP, and many more. Add more components like: Ground, Wire, Bus, Junction, etc. to connect the main components.

Save the designed sheet, which you can find in the directory you created. Render grids on the sheet, and change cursor pointer to help you design circuit easily. Print option lets you Preview and Print the designed sheet directly from this circuit design freeware.

The Schematic Library Editor lets you edit and change the properties of various components. Click on PCB Editor tab to design printed circuit board. With the help of PCB Footprint Editor, you can add footprint to PCB according to various components. A Bitmap2Component converter, and a PCB Calculator are also available in this software.

And now you can click button icon below to take free download KiCad EDA for Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux from external server.

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