Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Free Download LabCollector for Managing Several Labs

Poweringsoft. - This is one of chemical categorized software to you that called with LabCollector. So, we posted this article with the name Free Download LabCollector for Managing Several Labs.

In this time we will give you global information or description about this software and then we will give you link to take free download trial LabCollector for Managing Several Labs from external server.


From Softpedia site describe that working in a laboratory can be exhausting, especially since all data must be backed up and made available to everyone else who's working on the project. One application that could help you with that is LabCollector.

It's a neat software solution that helps you manage several labs and gather all information onto one computer that acts as a server but can be accessed using an Internet browser.

LabCollector is a all-in-one lab and notebook web software. Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, LabCollector will manage a variety useful lab information. A unique and affordable, expandable and customizable collaborative interface. It also includes an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and many other addons (workflows, sensors monitoring, service management...). Hosted on the cloud or on premises. 

  • It lets you configure the storage system and define facilities, locations, temperatures, boxes, racks, box structures, manage storage stock and so on.
  • It allows you to remove or add items in the main storage, you can add new tubes, vials and edit barcodes. It also lets you import data easily or you can backup information and make sure you don't lose it.
  • All in all, LabCollector is a very complex application for managing multiple lab facilities, monitoring equipment, sharing information and keeping an eye on operations.

And now you can click button icon below to take free download trial of LabCollector for Managing Several Labs from external server.

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